Gauteng citizens urged to vaccinate against influenza

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pretoria - The Gauteng Department of Health has urged people in the high risk groups to immunize against influenza.

People considered as high risk groups include pregnant women, patients with chronic lung, kidney, liver or heart diseases, diabetics, people living with HIV/Aids and in old age homes, as well as senior citizens over 65 years.

The department said it has 136 000 doses to be administered at all public health facilities for high risk people.

"The aim of this drive is to decrease mortality and morbidity rates as well as to reduce transmission of the pandemic virus within communities."

With the winter season approaching, the department said more people were expected to present with flu-like symptoms.

The vaccine is available at all public health facilities in the province as well as at private pharmacies for people not falling within the high risk groups.