Friday a normal school day

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Basic Education Department (DBE) has advised the school fraternity that Friday, 14 September, is a normal school day.

The notice by the department comes amidst calls for a shutdown of schools by learner organisation Congress of South African Students (COSAS).

“The department is aware of the call for a shutdown of schools by learner organisation COSAS.

“We urge all [learners, teachers and parents] to treat it like any other day as per normal,” said the department.

The DBE said it communicated with COSAS about their plans and has advised them that their proposed shutdown is unnecessary as the issues raised can be resolved differently through other means of engagement.

“Again we reiterate that we expect learners and teachers to report to school today (Friday) for normal schooling activities,” said the department.

With many schools busy with preparatory examinations and only 38 days left before the start of the National Senior Certificate examinations, the department urged learners to use their time wisely.

“Community protests are already negatively impacting the school programme in some areas and at such a vital time in the school year, we cannot afford any further disruptions.

“We need to use all the available time to ensure comprehensive curriculum coverage and respect our school days by ensuring assessments and tasks are completed without disruptions,” said the department. –