Find the MaSisulu in you

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Government has called for nominations for the Women of Fortitude campaign.

The Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on the Nelson Mandela Centenary and Centenary of Albertina Sisulu announced the #WomenofFortitude campaign on 11 October 2018, which was formed as one of the MaSisulu Centenary activities.

The campaign seeks to encourage the current generation of young South Africans to continue MaSisulu’s legacy of activism.

“The #WomenofFortitude campaign will use the stories of the past and present heroines to inspire other women to take charge of their own development, reignite passion in women of South Africa so that they recommit themselves to the values and principles of Albertina Sisulu,” government said in a statement.

As a woman of fortitude, MaSisulu fought for the emancipation of women, gender equality and contributed to giving birth to freedom and democracy in South Africa.

How today’s women can continue MaSisulu’s legacy 

The #WomenOfFortitude campaign is a movement of 100 women to drive the conversation of how women today can continue on the legacy of MaSisulu.

Drawing from the campaign’s theme ‘Find the MaSisulu in you’, government said women of different backgrounds will be encouraged to reflect within themselves to answer the pertinent question, “what am I giving birth to?”

“Women considered for this campaign are expected to create a chain of active citizenry and invite women all over the world to become #WomenOfFortitude and change the world by leading as women,” government said.

The following are selected values for the criteria of #WowenOfFortitude:

  • Passionate and committed to inspiring positive change for a better South Africa.
  • Displays strength of character, resilience, courage and bravery.
  • A high level of professionalism in their respective fields of work.
  • An inspiration to women.
  • Appreciation of the Legacy of MaSisulu.
  • Ability and willingness to initiate ideas or projects that can contribute to disadvantaged communities and make a meaningful difference.

Nominations are currently open for the #WomenOfFortitude and will close on Friday, 16 November 2018.

Details of nominees in the form of a short biography and contact details can be sent via email to

The 100 #WomenOfFortitude will be unveiled at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 22 November 2018.

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