Eskom unlikely to load shed today

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Eskom has indicated that it is unlikely to implement load shedding today, with the system improving.

“The system is looking better today as units that were on unplanned outages due to coal handling problems caused by flooding started pumping power into the grid although not yet at full capacity,” Eskom said in a statement on Thursday.

The power utility, however, said the overall system remains constrained.

“We do not anticipate load shedding today. In addition, our emergency resources are adequate in case we need to utilise them to supplement capacity,” said Eskom.

Eskom said unplanned outages or breakdowns were also showing a positive trend being at 11 673MW as at 6am.

“As previously indicated, our aim is to keep unplanned outages below 9 500MW. Our summer maintenance plan continues unabated with two big units at Hendrina and Lethabo going on scheduled maintenance today. We have planned accordingly to ensure that their absence does not destabilise the system,” Eskom said.

The power utility said it was monitoring the system closely and will continue to give periodic updates on the status of the power system as things may change at short notice.

“A concerted collective effort to reduce demand can help to avoid or lessen the level of load shedding. And as such, we strongly urge customers to assist by helping to reduce the demand by using electricity sparingly,” Eskom said.

Eskom urged consumers to set air-conditioners’ average temperature at 23ºC, switch off geysers over peak periods and use the cold water tap rather than using the geyser every time. –