Eskom refutes load shedding reports

Friday, September 20, 2019

Eskom has refuted reports that it will implement load shedding.

“Eskom would like to assure its customers that there is no planned load shedding expected in September or October,” said the power utility on Thursday.

The power utility said it has not communicated to any stakeholder that there will be load shedding.

This follows a Democratic Alliance statement to that effect.

Eskom communicated its summer plan earlier this month. At the media briefing held at its Megawatt Park offices, the utility indicated that while no load shedding is expected over summer, the risk remains as the system is still tight and vulnerable.

The power utility encouraged residents and businesses to use electricity sparingly. It appealed to all to switch off geysers as well as all non-essential lighting and electricity appliances to assist in reducing demand. -