Eskom implements Stage 2 load shedding

Friday, December 13, 2019

As the generation plant continues to perform at low levels of reliability, Eskom is today implementing Stage 2 rotational load shedding.

“Load shedding will be required all day to cater for further trips and to create capacity to replenish water reserves for our pumped storage schemes. Eskom will communicate if there is a change in the system,” said the power utility on Friday.

As at 6:30am, breakdowns were at t 11 996MW while the utility continued to use diesel for its open cycle gas turbines (OCGTs) and water at pumped storage schemes to supplement capacity. 

The utility said any unexpected shift such as an increase in unplanned breakdowns could result in a change in the load shedding stage at short notice.

Meanwhile, the Emergency Response Command Centre continues to monitor the situation with a focus on reducing unplanned breakdowns to below 9 500MW to enable us to minimise and to stop load shedding in the following week.

In addition the power utility will provide a prognosis for the upcoming long-weekend later today.

“We continue to ask customers to reduce demand as a concerted collective effort can help to avoid or lessen the level of load shedding. As we are experiencing rainy and cooler weather conditions in some parts of the country, we ask that you use efficient heating to keep warm and switch off your geysers over peak periods,” it said.

Eskom customers can check their load shedding schedules on the Eskom website ( or through the customer contact centre on 0860037566. –