Energy sector can contribute towards economic growth

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

While challenges remain in South Africa’s energy sector, Energy Minister Jeff Radebe is confident that the sector is poised for growth, if invested in.

“The South African energy sector is poised to grow. The country needs both the finance, technology and skills to increase the electricity generation capacity,” he said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the Nordic Countries Breakfast meeting held during Africa Utility Week at Cape Town’s Convention Centre, the Minister said investments in the sector should ensure job creation.

In addition, the investments, he said, should ensure industrialisation and development of energy equipment manufacturing.

The Minister said the South African economy has not been growing, adding that the energy sector is the engine to economic growth and needs investments.

This as the country is facing inequality, youth unemployment and a very low economic growth rate.

On energy constraints, the Minister said government is aware that the energy sector is constrained while energy needs are on the rise.

“If the economy has to grow, our generation capacity has to increase now. In addition, our electricity infrastructure is old and in need of more investments.

“The energy sector in South Africa, like the global energy sector, is going through a transition where we have to ensure that as we increase generation of clean, accessible, affordable, secure and sustainable energy for all,” he said.

The conference, which got underway today, will conclude on Thursday. -