Drink at your own peril

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pretoria - With the festive season in full swing, city authorities in Pretoria have warned revellers to avoid public drinking or face the full might of the law.

The warning comes as scores of people are expected to descend on many of the city's public parks for picnics and festivals.

Tshwane Metro Police said at least 17 people were arrested for public drinking in city parks on December 26. The group was subsequently slapped with fines averaging R300.

"Everyone is advised to respect that parks are family public entertainment places. They are different from resorts," the municipality's Console Tleane said.

He said the intervention is aimed at ensuring that everyone, especially families with children, are able to enjoy themselves without being disturbed by unruly elements.

"Also, this is aimed at ensuring that no incidents that are as a result of drunken behaviour take place at the parks," added Tleane.