Discipline begins at home

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The North West provincial legislature’s committee on education has called on parents and society as a whole to play their role in instilling discipline and order within communities.

“Parents‚ communities and law enforcement agencies, all need to play their role to ensure that together we raise caring and responsible citizens, to prevent more killings and crimes in our society,” said committee chairperson Gaoage Molapisi.

The call follows a tragic and fatal stabbing of 24-year-old Gadimang Daniel Mokolobate who was allegedly stabbed by a 17-year-old learner.

According to reports, the teacher was last seen reprimanding the learner not to skip queues during the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) at the school.

The learner later turned on the teacher, stabbing him to death in full view of other learners, it is alleged that the teacher died on the spot.

On Tuesday, the committee led by Molapisi, paid Ramotshere-Moiloa Technical School a visit to give support and send condolences to all affected by the sudden death of the teacher.

“The committee is shocked and saddened by the incident and condemns the barbaric, ghastly conduct of the learner, who left many to mourn the death of the mathematics teacher.

“We also give our sincere condolence to the family of Molokobate, to have solace and peace during this trying time,” said Molapisi.

This incident happened shortly after one learner pointed a gun at a teacher in Eldorado Park in Johannesburg.

Molapisi took concern at the level of ill-discipline and rebelliousness of learners that has taken a toll at schools not only in the province but South Africa as a whole.

“It is concerning to see the ill-discipline and rebelliousness, which have led most learners to believe that this is a way of life and justifiable in society.

“In as much we have retracted corporal punishment from public schools, we believe that a stricter disciplinary action could be adopted to instil order and respect at schools,” he said.

Following the visit, the committee made recommendations to look into the safety and security measures of the school.

This will be done together with the Department of Education and Sports Development, to ensure not only the safety of learners and teachers, but of the property belonging to the school.

The principal of the school, Michael Motsosi Molatlhegi, asked the committee to assist in curbing the serious challenge of drug abuse and theft at the school.

“It is challenging to monitor and ensure good behaviour when our school has a large number of 1 170 students with only 40 teachers on site, the surrounding impoverished environment also makes it heavier to deal with each student, who most have succumbed to drug abuse,” said Molatlhegi. – SAnews.gov.za