Deputy President in Parly for oral replies

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Deputy President David Mabuza will be in the National Assembly this afternoon for oral replies to questions by Members of Parliament.

Among the questions the Deputy President will answer is what measures have been taken to ensure all government departments and institutions implement the call made by President Cyril Ramaposa during the State of the Nation Address, that experience will no longer be a prerequisite for entry-level jobs.

The new rule will see the removal of unnecessary barriers to entry into the public service and provision of a platform for new graduates to acquire the required experience in their life long career paths.

The initiative aims to attract new and innovative blood into the public service.

Furthermore, it will enhance government’s human resource development capacity that will see the high levels of unemployment, especially among the youth, alleviated. 

The Deputy President will moreover be required to outline what mechanisms government intends putting in place towards the vetting of public representatives, executives and government officials. 

The Deputy President will also answer on government’s programmes aimed at young people and women in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Section 92 (2) of the Constitution stipulates that members of the Cabinet are accountable collectively and individually to Parliament for the exercise of their powers and performance of their functions.

The procedure for putting questions to the executive is one of the instruments used by Parliament to hold the executive accountable. –