Department apologises for delays in paying tuition fees

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Department of Military Veterans (DMV) has apologised for the delays in processing beneficiaries’ school and tuition fees.

The department on Tuesday said it has noted that there are outstanding school and tuition fees for some beneficiaries, and that its officials are working hard to speedily address the delays in payment.

Currently, the department supports 7 466 learners and students.

“The DMV is working on the challenges to fast track payments and is committed to pay all the outstanding 2019 school and tuition fees for all the continuing learners and students, as per its commitment letters and signed agreements,” the department said in a statement.

The department drew attention to the following factors that impede faster payments of fees:

  • By law, the DMV shall not pay any school that is not tax compliant, unless proof of exemption is provided by the South African Revenue Service (SARS).
  • All schools should deal with the DMV in respect of school fees owed, as per the commitment letters from the department, and not with the parents. The department’s details are included in the commitment letters.
  • Schools are requested to complete learner confirmation requests that are sent to schools in order for the DMV to accelerate payments.
  • Invoices that do not have banking details, a school stamp and relevant signatures, cannot be paid. Institutions are urged to urgently address this matter. 

The department reminded military veterans and beneficiaries that in 2018, a decision was taken to reduce the threshold of basic education support from R42 500 to R20 000, to ensure that as many military veterans’ beneficiaries are provided with education support amidst the shortage of funds.

Beneficiaries were given the year to adjust to the reduced threshold, which was only effected during 2019.

The closing date for the extended continuing application is 31 October 2019. Application forms are still available on the DMV website: and conditions stipulated still stand. –