Denel showcases top products in Saudi Arabia 

Monday, February 5, 2024

Denel will showcase several of its top products in the fields of missile technology, air defence systems, precision-guided munitions, artillery systems and unmanned aerial vehicle systems at the World Defence Show in Saudi Arabia this week.

The World Defence Show, held from 4 - 8 February, attracts the world’s top aerospace and defence manufacturers and is also attended by decision-makers, industry analysts and media from across the globe. 

“This is an opportunity for Denel to demonstrate that we still design, manufacture and deliver high-technology products that are comparable and better than what is produced in the rest of the world,” said interim Group CEO, Mike Kgobe. 

The 2022 show brought together some 600 defence and security exhibitors, and attracted more than 65 000 visitors.

“It is important for Denel to have a strong presence in the fast-growing markets in the Middle East,” Kgobe said. 

The exhibition follows a highly successful technology demonstration held in the Northern Cape, which was attended by decision-makers and analysts from 10 countries.

Denel said the display would focus strongly on the company’s proven capabilities in artillery, air defence systems, guided weapons such as missiles and precision-guided munitions, and unmanned aerial vehicle systems. 

On the stand will be a full-scale model of the Umkhonto-IR missile, which has been deployed with great success by several armed forces globally, including the SA Navy.

“The infrared-guided missile has a range of 20 000m and can reach speeds of more than twice the speed of sound – Mach 2.2. 

“It is launched from vessels and a ground-based launcher and provides all-round defence against incoming missiles and aircraft. The Umkhonto-Extended Infra-Red missile adds further range, speed and operational ceiling, improving its performance and ability to defend forces on the ground,” the statement read. 

Also, on display will be a model of the Seeker 400 unmanned aerial system and upgraded through the years to ensure technology relevance. 

“The Seeker 400 can stay up in the air for up to 16 hours at a cruising speed of 150km/h and a range of 250km. It has autonomous take-off and landing capabilities and carries multiple sensor payloads which accumulate real-time images and high-definition data to stations on the ground.” 

Denel’s G6 self-propelled howitzer has set the standard for long-distance artillery over more than three decades.

Over the same period, Denel completed the design and concept of the new G6 with a 52 calibre.  

“Its state-of-the-art design has a high rate of fire of seven rounds per minute with 38 rounds and an accurate firing up to a range of 57km.”

In addition to the G6 self-propelled howitzer, Denel has also developed a truck-mounted gun the T5-52 system that is mounted on a commercially off-the-shelf vehicle platform. 

“The top carriage is mounted on a high-mobility truck chassis with a purpose-designed interface and outriggers. The weapon system has excellent tactical and road strategic mobility with a range of 600 km without refuelling at speeds of up to 85km/h and is suitable to forces that require artillery which combines mobility with long-distance capabilities and accuracy.”

Denel’s prowess in the design and manufacturing of long-range mortars and anti-material rifles will also be demonstrated to decision-makers and analysts. 

“The NTW-20 can engage targets up to 1 750m away and is extremely effective in a counter-sniping role and against mortar and rocket launcher positions. The DM-82 is a long-range mortar which can be used during night and day and reach targets about 7km away with pinpoint accuracy.”

Kgobe said a newly restructured Denel is seeking new markets for its tried and tested products and systems. 

“We want to build on our reputation for leading-edge products and systems and the World Defence Show is a unique opportunity to gain a foothold in new markets.” –