Denel backs SAPS' crime-fighting efforts

Monday, January 27, 2020

State-owned arms manufacturer Denel has vowed to continue to positively contribute to the country’s crime prevention and law enforcement initiatives.

The commitment came on the eve of National Police Day celebrations in the Eastern Cape.

Denel produces high-tech equipment, vehicles, ammunition and advanced technology.

Group CEO Danie du Toit said the annual commemoration of National Police Day, which is today, is an opportunity to highlight the partnerships that the State-owned defence and technology company has forged in support of crime prevention and law enforcement.

“Denel is the primary producer of small calibre ammunition for handguns used by the SAPS. This ensures that law enforcement officers have ready access to quality, locally manufactured products that enables them to play their primary role to protect South African communities,” said the SOE.

Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP) -- a division in the Denel Group -- is the country’s largest manufacturer of small and medium calibre ammunition.

“We are able to provide SAPS with a full range of products that meet and exceed its requirements for quality, reliability and performance.

“The accomplishments achieved by SAPS to combat crime and extend their operations within communities can, in no small measure, be attributed to the confidence that members have in the quality of their equipment,” said Du Toit.

He said Denel’s success in turning the company around is enabling the company to diversify the solutions it can offer to SAPS. Its products and services cover a wide spectrum of law enforcement activities from detection, to the identification and the ultimate conviction of criminals.

“We place a very high value on our relationship with SAPS and are proud of the contribution Denel’s people, products and services are making towards creating a safer environment in our country,” said Du Toit. –