Cope to nominate Dandala as President-elect

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Parliament - The newly formed Congress of the People (Cope) have confirmed that they will nominate Mvume Dandala as an alternate candidate for President of the Republic of South Africa at the National Assembly later today.

Before entering Parliament for the first sitting of the National Assembly, Cope's Deputy President Mbhazima Shilowa said Cope was going to put forward a presidential candidate.

"We have said throughout, that Dandala has the credentials for a President," Mr Shilowa said, adding that they will nominate a second candidate.

According to the proceedings at the National Assembly, if there are two candidates nominated for President, a vote will be taken by secret ballot.

The Presiding Officer will first call for nominations of candidates for election as President. The Presiding Officer will thereafter announce the names of the persons duly nominated.

If only one valid nomination is received, the Presiding Officer declares the nominated candidate to be duly elected. If more than one valid nomination is received, a vote is taken by secret ballot and proceedings are suspended until the result of the voting can be made known.

The Speaker then takes the Chair and invites parties and the President-elect to address the House.

Being a first time member of Parliament, Mr Shilowa said, Cope will take its rightful place in Parliament and begin the journey of reshaping politics in South Africa.

An enthusiastic Mr Shilowa said they were ready to be a part of the new administration and to work together with the other parties.

"We have a vision of what we are going to do and how we are going to handle ourselves. We have overcome enough challenges as Cope to be here," he said.