Condolences for cancer patient after getting ID

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Department of Home Affairs has expressed condolences to the family of a cancer patient who died at its Barrack office in Cape Town on Monday.

The department said the 45-year-old man was brought to the office by members of his family, to help him get an ID as he was very sick.

On arrival, the family was assisted immediately from the vehicle by the office supervisor who had gone out of the office for a routine check, which is part of the campaign against long queues that the department recently launched.

“With the help of the supervisor, the client was helped to alight from the vehicle and was taken straight into the office, to fulfill his request for an ID. He did not have to wait in a queue. The man was issued first with a temporary ID so he could apply for a smart ID card, which process he had started when he gave his last breath in the photo booth,” said the department.

The family was grateful that the man was issued with a temporary ID before he passed on as this will ensure that he receives a dignified burial.

The department said a death certificate will be issued.

“The department would like to thank officials at Barrack for their speedy response and for doing all in their power to assist the deceased as well as the family in their hour of need,” said the department, adding that officials who were visibly traumatised, are receiving counselling and other support from the department’s wellness team. -