Community urged to stop damaging council infrastructure

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pretoria - The Ekurhuleni municipality has urged community members to stop damaging council infrastructure and intimidating workers who are currently replacing the traditional underground meters with above-the-ground water meters.

According to the municipality, the council's project of moving water meters from people's yards to the road reserve in the Thokoza area, especially in Ward 45 and 54, is being hampered by acts of vandalism and intimidation. 

Municipal spokesperson Zweli Dlamini warned community members to stop intimidating workers and damaging infrastructure, as this was a criminal offence.

"We will be left with no choice but to act against the criminal elements.

"It would seem there are some people who have taken the liberty of misinforming community members about the project, telling residents that council is installing prepaid water meters," said Dlamini, emphasising that the council was not installing prepaid water meters in Thokoza or in any part of Ekurhuleni.

He explained that the project underway was part of Ekurhuleni's Revenue Enhancement Strategy. Last year, the municipality embarked on a three-year programme to move water meters from inside properties onto sidewalks to allow the municipality easy access to conduct proper meter reading and to record credible billing information for ratepayers, as well as to reduce water leakages and/or pipe bursts.

"The municipality's doors remain open to engage residents who may need additional information on the project currently underway. Community members are furthermore advised to ensure that as the project continues, children are kept away from the construction activities and all obstacles are cleared in the path of the new water line." - BuaNews