Communities called to volunteer in public schools

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

North West Tourism MEC Desbo Mohono has called on parents and community members to assist their local public schools with some of the administrative and infrastructure backlogs.

MEC Mohono said parents need to be fully involved in their children’s schools and assist where necessary in order to meaningfully contribute towards creating a conducive learning environment for their children.

“As parents we need to get fully involved at our children’s schools. We need to volunteer our time, skills, expertise and knowledge to ensure that these schools become better places for our children to learn and express themselves. Community members must also come on board and participate in ensuring that these schools remain in a favourable environment for learning,” said the MEC.

MEC Mohono made the call during her recent state of readiness assessment visit to four primary schools namely Buffelsvlei Intermediate School, Ikalafeng Special School, Nanogang Primary School and Vyfhoek Primary Schools within the Potchefstroom area, in Dr Kenneth Kaunda District.

The state of readiness assessment visits are part of an initiative by the North West Provincial Legislature to deploy all Members of the Executive Council to assess if all schools across the province are ready to commence with their day to day business of functional and conducive education.

MEC Mohono said although there is still a lot of work to be done at the schools she visited, she was generally impressed by the manner in which the schools are managed.

“I have met with senior officials of these schools, and according to our checklist they are doing quite well. As government we just need to support them, avail more resources and ensure that we do all we can for these schools,” said MEC Mohono.

She added that the department will also attempt to bring in local business people to assist with sponsorships and other resources, including sporting equipment, where possible. –


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