Communicators urged to tell good stories

Friday, May 25, 2018

Communications Minister Nomvula Mokonyane has encouraged communicators to produce stories that contribute to the country's development and help South Africans to take advantage of the wide range of available opportunities.

“The industry must work in an integrated manner in telling the good story of South Africa and how our nation’s programmes on job creation and social development are uplifting communities,” Mokonyane said.

Addressing the Africa Communications Week Global Campaign on Friday in Cape Town, she said the country needs committed, passionate communicators and public relations professionals who will work hard to move the country and economy forward.

“The manner in which the public relations specialists reflect key national issues and programmes should help inform the narrative of business and corporate South Africa," Mokonyane said.

The sector can play an instrumental role in rallying South Africans behind the National Development Plan’s Vision 2030.

She said communicators are at the centre of South Africa’s endeavours to achieve an active citizenry as envisioned in the National Development Plan.

The Minister said it is the responsibility of the sector to ensure citizens have access to information, which is essential to the health of the country’s democracy and development.

“Let us join together to confront our challenges and accelerate progress in building a prosperous society. It begins with a realisation that everyone has a role in building the South Africa we want,” the Minister said.

She said it is the job of communicators to ensure the information they provide works to the benefit of South Africans.

“We must not allow a divide to emerge between those with access to information and those who have none. We must ensure all Africans benefit from the information dividend. We live in a world where the importance of timely and accurate information has never been more valuable.”

She said access to information creates an environment for the country’s democracy to flourish and will ensure a vibrant and inclusive knowledge economy.

“We believe that in bridging the information gap we will forge stronger ties and help draw more young people across the Continent into the productive sectors of the economy.” –