Close to 20 000 voters collect ID cards

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Close to 20 000 people collected their  smart ID cards from Home Affairs offices across the country on day one of the Independent Electoral Commission’s (IEC) final voter registration weekend.

“The Department of Home Affairs received a notable response from voters who visited its offices on day one of voter registration to collect smart ID cards and green ID books. On Saturday 26 January 2019, 19 428 smart ID cards were collected from Home Affairs offices across the country,” said the Department of Home Affairs.

In its statement on Sunday, the department said a total of 3 339 green ID books and 1 188 temporary identification certificates were issued.

“In the bigger scheme of things, many more citizens are still expected, and are encouraged, to collect their IDs. With the resources mobilised for this purpose, including officials who were requested to work over the weekend, citizens should seize this opportunity the better to fulfil their civic duties and to exercise their right to vote,” said the department.

With the second and last day to register to vote in the upcoming elections in full swing, about 258 668 smart ID cards were still to be collected.

The department earlier announced that its offices will open from 8am to 5pm this weekend on (Saturday and Sunday) to assist citizens who need to collect IDs, apply for temporary identification certificates or reapply for IDs.

This as voting stations across the country are open between 8am and 5pm to facilitate voter registration and those wanting to check their details ahead of the national and provincial elections.

The department reminded citizens that their offices will remain open for them to collect their IDs, apply for temporary identification certificates and access other home affairs services.

The first day of the voter registration drive saw the youth come out in their numbers to register to vote.

Many young people interviewed by SAnews, said that the casting of one’s ballot is an important factor in determining the course of the country’s future.

IEC briefing

Meanwhile, the Commission is due to brief media on the outcome of the final registration weekend for 2019 on Tuesday.

To be held in Cape Town, the briefing will follow on Saturday’s media briefing at which the Commission confirmed that approximately 99% of the 22 925 voting stations across the country opened on time during the final voter registration weekend. –