Child Support Grant meant for minor's basic needs

Monday, April 19, 2021

The Mpumalanga South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has reiterated that the Child Support Grant (CSG) is aimed at helping parents provide for the basic needs of a child.

SASSA reminded parents and guardians who misuse the grant that they are violating the right of a child.

“Any deviation from the purpose of supporting the child’s needs, according to the Social Assistance Act, will be deemed as abuse or neglect to the child, and classified as a criminal act, which is punishable by law,” the agency warned.

It urged those who witness the misuse of grants not to keep quiet - whether within a family or in communities.

“Starving a child due to parents or guardians' social needs is a destruction to the future of the country.”

In addition, SASSA said a person who takes care of a child on daily basis must receive the grant payment.

“If the grant is received by the parent, who does not stay with a child not transfer the money to the caregiver, that person must be reported to SASSA offices and also open a criminal case at the local police station.”

Requirements to receive a child support grant include being a primary caregiver, meaning the person responsible for the child should be a South African citizen or permanent resident, receiving less than R4 000 per month and if married, getting R8 000 per month combined salary. 

The child must be under 18 years old, not be in the care of a State institution and live with the primary caregiver in South Africa, who us not paid to look after the child, SASSA explained. –