Cabinet condemns violent incidents

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretoria - Cabinet has condemned incidences of violence, saying they have no place in a democratic South Africa.

“Whilst Cabinet notes that violence was part and parcel of life under apartheid, it does not define who we are today as South Africans,” Acting Cabinet spokesperson Phumla Williams told media on Thursday following Cabinet’s regular meeting.

There has been public outcry over police brutality following the death of Mido Macia, a taxi driver, who was dragged behind a police van in Daveyton after being confronted by police over a parking violation. He later died in police custody.  

The incident sparked international condemnation and left the community angry over excessive use of power by police.

Commending the swift action taken by the National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega, who suspended the police allegedly involved in the incident, Williams reiterated Cabinet’s call on all communities to stand up against violence and seek peaceful ways of resolving conflict.  

“Cabinet is confident that the judicial system will bring the offenders to book,” said Williams.

The policemen implicated in the assault are in custody.

Williams said police would be working on rebuilding their image and trust with the community.

Macia’s death, coupled with the incident at Marikana last year, has impacted on the image of the SA Police Service (SAPS), Williams acknowledged.

However, she stressed that it was imperative for the public to know that not all policemen and women were corrupt and brutal, and that it was unfair to paint them all with the same brush.

She added that SAPS members were expected to respect and uphold the law at all times and avoid at all costs any conduct that violates the law. –