Cabinet commends Home Affairs for opening Kokstad office

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cabinet has joined President Cyril Ramaphosa in commending the Department of Home Affairs for successfully opening its Kokstad office in KwaZulu-Natal. 

President Ramaphosa opened the Home Affairs office on 3 October as part of government’s programme to expand the footprint of Home Affairs service delivery points to meet citizens’ demands for smart ID cards and other documents. 

The office provides improved and efficient services such as birth, ID, passport and death certificate applications, and reduced waiting times for people submitting their applications. 

Cabinet has also strongly encouraged citizens to collect their IDs as soon as they receive notification of collection. 

On the same day after officially opening the Home Affairs office, President Ramaphosa handed over 443 title deeds to beneficiaries of the Franklin Housing Project. 

This is part of the restoration programme to ensure beneficiaries experience the full benefits of owning a house and are able to access the formal property market. 

The beneficiaries now own homes in the newly developed township of Franklin. 

Handing over the title deeds, President Ramaphosa called on people, who are beneficiaries of government RDP houses, to refrain from selling their houses. 

He said home ownership can contribute to improved educational outcomes and reduced household poverty. 

“We are delivering on our commitment to transform South Africa for the benefit of all, particularly the poor. We are issuing title deeds as part of the broader effort to put our people at the centre of service delivery.  

“Since 1994, we have been working to correct this historical injustice by providing houses to the poor, undertaking land restitution and providing basic services like water and electricity,” the President said at the time. 

President Ramaphosa said government has embarked on a programme to accelerate land reform, which will provide land and support to black farmers, secure the property rights of all those who work and live on the land, and identify well-located areas for social housing in urban areas.  

Over 4.3 million RDP houses have been built by the government since the dawn of democracy. –