Anti-corruption hotline helps in recovery of R100mil

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cape Town - Since the launch of the National Anti-Corruption Hotline five years, R100 million from dishonest public officials has been recovered and 14 government officials have been arrested.

Minister of Public Service and Administration Richard Baloyi said this on Wednesday in his written response to questions raised by political parties in the National Assembly.

Baloyi said while three of the 14 officials had been sentenced to jail terms, a further six cases for prosecution were pending. Prosecution was declined in five of the cases.

"As a result of the successful investigation of cases, 201 officials were found guilty of misconduct. Of these cases, 29 officials were suspended, 112 officials were given final written warnings and 60 officials were dismissed," said Baloyi.

As at 27 September this year, a cumulative total of 6 606 cases of alleged corruption had been lodged on the hotline and referred to the appropriate government departments for investigation.

So far this year, 533 cases had been referred to departments. In the last financial year, 1 849 were referred to departments - of which 165 had been closed.

Cases of fraud and bribery - including allegations of officials claiming overtime without rendering any activities - topped the list with 1 390 complaints reported, followed by abuse of government resources at 876 complaints and mismanagement of government funds at 803 cases - including mismanagement of school funds by teachers and school principals making up 16 percent of these cases.

A total of 643 cases involved procurement irregularities involving collusion between the public official issuing the tender and an associate, who is often a family member or friend seeking to win the tender.

Baloyi said the names of the alleged perpetrators would not be released while the various departments were investigating the allegations concerned.

"This is done in order to protect the integrity of the investigation processes," he said.