ANC reaches two thirds majority rule

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretoria - The African National Congress (ANC) has managed to confidently secure a two thirds majority as vote counting nears completion in the 2009 General Election.

The ANC is currently standing at 67.2 percent which automatically makes it qualify for a two thirds majority rule.

Speaking to BuaNews, ANC spokesperson Jessie Duarte said: "We are pleased with the way things are going. As you know we have held a two thirds majority for a number of years but for this one we thank South Africans who went out in their millions to vote for the ANC.

"The people have spoken. They understand that if you vote for the ANC, you vote for the future of this country. Once again we thank them for entrusting the ANC with the future of this country."

She added that the party would do everything, working together with the people, to create a better life for all.