All systems go for 2019 mid-year matric exams

Monday, April 29, 2019

It’s all systems go for the first ever mid-year national matric examination, which will commence on 2 May 2019 and conclude on 14 June 2019.

This year’s examination system has been reconfigured to merge the February/March supplementary exam and the May/June senior certificate examination.

“For this reason, the number of candidates who will sit for the 2019 mid-year examination has increased significantly, and will see well over 350 000 registered candidates write the annual examination, as compared to numbers that were lower than 200 000 in the past, for both exams. The results of the mid-year 2019 examination will be released on 2 August 2019,” the DBE said in a statement on Monday.

Due to the national General Election on 8 May, the 7 and 9 May papers have been moved to 13 and 14 June 2019.

The mid-year Senior Certificate (SC) examination is identical to the November National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination, and all subjects offered in the NSC examination will be offered in the mid-year examination.

All candidates that write the mid-year SC examination will be allowed to combine subjects passed in the mid-year SC examination, based on the requirements for their respective qualifications to obtain either a SC or NSC.

The Integrated Examination Computer System has been programmed to be able to assist both categories of candidates to combine the results obtained in various examination sittings to effect an overall pass in their respective qualifications.

The breakdown of registered full time candidates per province is as follows:

Province Name                       Total Entered

  • EASTERN CAPE                  22 002
  • FREE STATE                        5 242
  • GAUTENG                           21 330
  • KWAZULU-NATAL             42 453
  • LIMPOPO                           31 749
  • MPUMALANGA                 16 427
  • NORTHERN CAPE             4 609
  • NORTH-WEST                    10 046
  • WESTERN CAPE                12 595
  • NATIONAL                         166 453

Registered part-time candidates per province is as follows:

Province                             Total Entered

EASTERN CAPE                  21 845

FREE STATE                        11 126

GAUTENG                           43 754

KWAZULU-NATAL             26 219

LIMPOPO                            31 504

MPUMALANGA                 15 825

NORTHERN CAPE             6 416

NORTH-WEST                    15 062

WESTERN CAPE                19 398

NATIONAL                         191 149

A total of 6 581 centres will be used for the writing of the mid-year 2019 examinations, while a total of 35 marking centres have been identified to be used for the marking of the examination.

The following NSC candidates who are eligible have registered to write the mid-year examination: 

(i)            Candidates that wrote the October/November National Senior Certificate examination, but did not meet the requirements of the NSC or meet the requirements of the NSC but wish to improve their performance either in the terms of the subject, or the type of pass obtained.

(ii)           Candidates who were indisposed due to ill health or if there is a death in the immediate family, or if for other special reasons the candidate is unable to write one or more question papers in the October/November examination.

In addition, the NSC candidates that write the May/June SC examination, may register to write the subsequent NSC examination in October/November, if necessary.

“NSC candidates are not limited in the number of examination sittings that they may register to write in order to fulfil the requirements of the qualification.

“Part-time and repeat candidates that register to write the October/November examination may register to write the mid-year examination of the following year,” said the DBE.

Quality Assurance of Marking

To establish the credibility of the marking of the examination across Provincial Education Departments (PEDs), the DBE will quality assure marking via onsite moderation in selected gateway and Technical subjects between 24 June and 3 July 2019.

Standardisation and Release of Results

The standardisation process of the results of the candidates will be conducted on 18 July 2019.

The results of the mid-year 2019 examination will be released on 2 August 2019.

“The department, together with PEDs, are ready to conduct credible examinations. All critical processes have been completed and the PEDs are only waiting for the commencement date of the examination.

“The department would like to take this time to extend best wishes to all candidates writing the June examination,” DBE said. –