Tshwane braces for rainy week

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretoria - Residents and motorists in the City of Tshwane are urged to be on alert as more thunder showers are expected for the entire week.

"It is expected that the city will experience 60 percent chances of slow moving showers for the entire week, these are showers that take much longer and can result in high volumes of water," said City of Tshwane Community Safety Department spokesperson, Console Tleane.

Tleane warned that the prolonged rain will lead to increased water levels and a strain on the storm water drainage system.

"There might be increased levels of water pools on the intersections, this may result in slippery surfaces and poor visibility."

Motorists are encouraged to drive with care, reduce speed and maintain a safe following distance.

Households are also encouraged to open holes on their concrete wall barriers so that water does not get locked within yards.

The Tshwane Fire Brigade and Disaster Management Centre will keep a close on the weather patterns and emergencies that might arise. Residents are urged to call 012 358 6250 in case of any emergency.