Rebirth of Mushroom Farm Park

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pretoria-Following the completion of Gautrain-related tunnel construction work in the Sandton area, Mushroom Farm Park (MFP) is being fully reinstated by Bombela Civils Joint Venture (Bombela).

This rehabilitation project is in line with Bombela's Environmental Management Plan (EMP) together with a complementary plan developed by the Sandton Central Management District (SCMD), the Mushroom Farm Bird Sanctuary (MFBS), Johannesburg City Parks (JCP), Region E and the local ward councillors.

Dave van der Merwe, a director at Bombela Civils Joint Venture said: "Bombela has used Mushroom Farm Park as a temporary shaft over the past two years to access the tunnel for construction works.

"We are proud to be driving the rehabilitation of this green space and hope this will be a lasting legacy for the Sandton community."

The rehabilitation began in July with the reinstatement of the underlying infrastructure, prior to aesthetic treatment.

Representatives of Bombela and other Gautrain teams have been involved with the process of landscaping the terrain.

This includes creating a children's play area, laying new pathways, installing irrigation and pathway lighting, introducing topsoil, clearing the waterways and allocating new indigenous flora.

Once fully restored, the Park will welcome residents, tourists and other school-goers and other interest groups to enjoy an attractive natural environment in the heart of a vibrant city.

Planned facilities will cater for bird watching, and jogging, children, picnicking and other outdoor facilities.

Presently, there is an aerial balloon in the park, which is part of a two year contract between Aerial Displays and Johannesburg City Parks as part of the 2010 City Beautification Programme.

Aerial Displays will improve, monitor and maintain the park, with 24 hour security, litter management, and waterway cleaning.

"We look forward to helping Mushroom Farm Park become a vibrant and active public space for the community and invite the curious to come and see the balloon," said Aerial Displays director Francis Chikasha.