National Pharmacy Week kicks-off

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pretoria - National Pharmacy Week, which kicks-off today, recognises the value of pharmacists in ensuring the safe and effective use of medicines.

The Department of Health together with the South African Pharmacy Council and Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa have partnered to commemorate the week.

Themed, "Do you know how to use, store and dispose of your medicine safely and responsibly?", the week also recognises the vital role that pharmacists play as professionals in the healthcare team.

South African Pharmacy Council Vice-President, Lorraine Osman said that it was important for people to know the medicine they are taking is safe and effective and is the correct medicine for them.

"Your pharmacist can advise you on using the right medicine at the right time, pharmacists will also tell you about the correct way to store different medicines, and when you have unused, unwanted or expired medicines, your pharmacist can help you to dispose of them safely and responsibly," Osman said.

Chief Operations Officer of the Council, Vincent Tlala said: "We need to recognise what the pharmacy profession is doing for the citizens of this country in terms of the delivery of pharmaceutical services."

During the week, it is anticipated that members of the pharmacy profession will continue to show the public that they care and are keen to advise and communicate with the public on important health issues.

The Department of Health will be distributing promotional material to public sector institutions.