Housing subsidies to assist Pomfret relocation process

Monday, March 9, 2009

North West - North West MEC for Developmental Local Government and Housing, Howard Yawa has approved the application by the Molopo Local Municipality for 1000 Pomfret residents to receive housing subsidies.

The subsidies will enable the residents to be relocated to Bray and Tosca.

"We could not ignore the reality of the threat that asbestos poses to the health of the people that reside in Pomfret in the long run.

"Your determination to relocate to healthy and safe environments influenced my decision to housing developments in the identified areas," said Mr Yawa, addressing the residents on Saturday.

"We trust that those of you who wish to relocate to these areas on a voluntary basis will seize the opportunity by registering for housing subsidies at your municipal offices."

The MEC indicated that Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District Municipality was committed to provide funding for bulk infrastructure, such as electricity, water and sanitation in the areas.

The housing development is expected to meet the standards of government's Breaking New Ground (BNG) Housing Policy.

Mr Yawa further undertook to take up challenges of sustaining service provision at the former military base as highlighted by Mayor Bob Namusi in his overview of conditions at Pomfret with the relevant government departments for urgent intervention and resolution.