Election posters must go in 20 days

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Johannesburg - Political parties have 20 days to remove the election posters they put up ahead of the 2009 General Election.

According to the City of Johannesburg by-laws, parties are required to remove their posters after 10 days but the mayoral committee has extended the time by 10 more days, said Virgil James, the city's spokesperson.

The 20-day countdown started on Thursday, 23 April, the day after citizens went to the polls in the country's fourth democratic elections, reports Joburg.org.za.

Posters have been placed on trees, traffic lights and other council assets, for example, on council buildings and substations.

Mr James said the political parties were aware of this by-law.

"The city sent letters to all political parties informing them that they would need to remove their posters after the elections," he said.

Failing to remove the posters would be a contravention of the by-laws; if parties did not remove their posters within the 20 days, the city would remove them and the party would be liable for a prescribed fee. The fee would depend on the number of posters removed.

"The removing of the posters will not only contribute to the general cleanliness of the City, but will free up advertising space as well," said Mr James.