Efforts against corruption must be matched

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pretoria - The progress made by government in fighting corruption in the public sector must be matched by an equally vigorous effort in other sectors of society, says government spokesperson Themba Maseko.

"Government is concerned at the willingness shown by individuals and companies in the private sector to transact with the public sector in unethical and dishonest ways. The progress we are seeing in the public sector should be matched by a similar effort in the private sector," said Maseko in a statement on Friday.

This follows President Jacob Zuma's revelation in Parliament this week that 235 officials had been found guilty of misconduct since the establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Hotline, and as a result of successful investigations.

Around R100 million has been recovered from perpetrators and the Special Investigation Unit has been instructed to probe alleged maladministration and corruption in several government departments, municipalities and agencies.

This was a clear indication of government's resolve to combat corruption, mismanagement and maladministration at all levels of government and the public service.

"Government, however, wishes to stress the fact that the fight against corruption is a fight by all sectors and citizens; beginning with individuals," said Maseko.