Mthethwa urges business to up the war on crime

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pretoria - Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa has called on Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA) to improve its reach to as many businesses as possible as part of its partnership with government in the fight against crime.

Mthethwa said among the challenges still confronting the police was the need to ensure improved effort in bringing down crime within the small business sector.

"In this regard, there are various ongoing projects around the country, whose focus is to look at ways in which to reduce vulnerabilities among the medium and small business environment," he said.

The minister was speaking at the BACSA breakfast meeting on Wednesday.

"Without suggesting the overstretching of the resources of business, it is nevertheless crucial that the interpretation of the interests of the business community should also be enlarged to encompass the need for broader social stability, peace and development," added Mthethwa.

He said in using the resources, skills and capacity of partners, police can find ways of maximising their strength and at the same time minimising their weaknesses.

"Effective contemporary crime prevention relies heavily on partnerships and multi-agency approaches. These endeavors involve the utilization of different resources, skills and capacity.

"Some of these resources and capacities are not available within the police themselves," said the minister.