Efforts made to grow country's global footprint

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pretoria - Cabinet, at its ordinary meeting on Wednesday, noted efforts to grow South Africa's global footprint.

According to government spokesperson, Themba Maseko, Cabinet noted the Department of Trade and Industry (dti)'s steps to implement the Export Development and Promotion Strategy as well as the Investment Promotion and Facilitation Strategy aimed at enhancing the country's global footprint.

The Export Development and Promotion of South African Strategy involves the development as well as the promotion of the country's products and services. It also gives export advice.

"The strategy provides, among other things, a framework on how government and the exporter and investor communities can engage with the global community to ensure that South Africa enters new high growth markets with competitive products; ensure that we keep our levels of trade in conventional markets; and to ensure that an environment is created in South Africa to facilitate the entry of new investors," said Maseko, as a post-Cabiet briefing on Thursday.

The Investment Promotion and Facilitation strategy involves the identifying of investment opportunities in South Africa as well as providing general information on investing in the county.