Obama discusses Africa's future with young leaders

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pretoria - President Barack Obama is meeting 115 young African leaders to discuss "their vision for Africa for the next 50 years" and to help craft innovative solutions to regional challenges.

The three-day forum, which starts on Tuesday, will be an opportunity for the participants to engage with each other, their American counterparts, and US government officials on key themes of youth empowerment, good governance, and economic opportunity.

The participants will have an opportunity to meet with grassroots service organisations to share experiences and strategies.

"The President's Forum with Young African Leaders presents the US government and American friends of Africa with an opportunity to deepen and broaden our understanding of the trajectories of African societies, and to reflect on how the next generation are building their communities' and their nations' futures - just as their predecessors did in the era of independence from colonial rule," a statement by the US State Department said.

The forum will also discuss issues around job creation and entrepreneurship, rights advocacy, and the use of technology to empower individuals and communities.