Ethiopian airliner's black boxes located

Friday, January 29, 2010

Beirut - A search team has located the black boxes of the Ethiopian airliner that crashed off the Lebanese coast on Monday morning.

In a statement, the Lebanese army said the black boxes were located 8km off the shore and 1 300 meters below sea level.

An American ship Ocean Alert was expected to retrieve the black boxes from the deep sea on Thursday.

The crew of the USS Ramage, which is operating with the Lebanese and international navies searching for the downed Ethiopian airliner, has also picked up signals from the black box that belongs to the aircraft.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET409, a Boeing 737-800 bound for Addis Ababa, crashed into the Mediterranean four minutes after takeoff from Beirut Rafik Hariri International Airport at around 2: 40am early Monday morning in a thunderstorm.

The flight had 90 passengers on board. As of yet, no survivors have been found, while five Ethiopians and six Lebanese have been identified among the 14 bodies at the Rafik Hariri University Hospital.

Although the search teams have found some wreckage, the fuselage of the crashed plane is still missing.