Communications Minister Muthambi arrives in China

Friday, July 24, 2015
Nthambeleni Gabara

Changsha - Communications Minister Faith Muthambi has arrived in Changsha, China, to attend the 2015 Ministerial Workshop on Development and TV Media for developing countries. 

The workshop focuses on the development and management of radio and TV media exchanges and cooperation between China and other developing countries.

It further introduces the development of Chinese radio and TV industry to participants of the workshop from theory to practice.

The 10-day long workshop will also offer the host country to share its achievements and experience of reforms, management and development of provincial-level radio and TV media, media convergence and consolidation in transitional, policies and practices for radio and TV media reform and development, as well as development of China’s TV news report.

Participating countries will be organised to have a symposium and exchange views before they embark on a sightseeing journey in Beijing.

The participating developing countries are also expected to get a relatively full understanding of China, current operation and development situations of Chinese and the global Radio and TV industry, so that it can help improve their respective country’s Radio and TV industry.

It is also strongly believed that the workshop can help lay a solid foundation for further enhancement of exchanges and cooperation in the media industry between China and the developing countries.

State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Li Lan, said there are 2 300 radio and TV broadcasters across China which are run by government at all levels.

The two focal points of China’s cultural system reform in radio and television area are merging the three function departments; culture; press and publication; radio and television as well as separation of the regulation of Radio and Television Bureau from the management of Radio and TV station.

Last year, the income of the provincial and municipal radio and television media in Hunan province, which is located in the hinterland of central and southern China, totalled 19.475 billion yuan.

The advertising revenue stood at 9.644 billion yuan, amongst which radio advertising accounted for 588 million yuan and television advertising made up 8.943 billion yuan.

The advertising revenue of Hunan Broadcasting System reached 8.518 billion yuan and the advertising revenue of Hunan TV alone totalled 7.5 billion yuan, which ranked the first amongst provincial TV stations and provincial satellite TV stations, respectively.

At an international level, Hunan TV has found its way into the ordinary households in Japan, Australia and many other countries and it is also the only Chinese provincial television station that has entered the US mainstream television networks. -

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