Winter school camp to promote careers in built environment sector

Monday, July 11, 2022

The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure is this week hosting the 8th annual Winter School Camp programme.

The purpose of the winter school is to promote careers within the built environment sector and create a solid foundation for a high pass rate in Mathematics and Physical Science. 

This aims to enable learner’s access into careers within the built environment, while prioritising the attendance of learners from disadvantaged communities and females.

“The camp forms part of the department’s mandate to transform the built environment sector by providing support to educators through enrichment programmes that help teachers become better Mathematical and Physical Science educators,” the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure said in a statement. 

The camp will have interactive exhibitions and expose the learners to career opportunities in the built environment sector while addressing the challenge of scarcity in educational resources that lead to poor performance in schools.

Since the programs’ inception in 2013, 42 schools have participated, while there are 22 schools currently enrolled this year, with 48 learners participating.

The prerequisites for learners to participate are:

-Each school needs to have an average of 40% of their Grade 10 – 12 scholars doing Mathematics and Physical Science and for Grade 9 – 12, and for

-learners to achieve a minimum of 60% for Mathematics and Physical Science. –

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