War on leaks phase 2 launched in KZN

Friday, February 24, 2017

Pretoria – Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane has launched phase 2 of the War on Leaks Programme at the Glen Ridge Church in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

The War on Leaks Programme is a flagship programme of government aimed at mobilizing and training 15 000 young people to become water agents, artisans and plumbers.

South Africa loses R7 billion worth of water annually to leaks and this is the loss that government seeks to curb through the programme.

Phase 1 of the programme was officially launched by President Jacob Zuma in Nelson Mandela Metro, Eastern Cape, in September 2015.

This phase saw 3 000 young people recruited and trained through-out the country.

"A total of 3 008 phase 1 learners were recruited and only 2 729 are currently enrolled onto the programme, of which 55% are artisans, 37% are water agents and only 8% plumbers. Sadly the rest we lost to other opportunities arising, among others," said Minister Mokonyane.

With the launch of Phase 2, a further 7 000 young people are now enrolled in the programme, bringing the total of youth engaged in the programme to 10 000.

"We are proud that a large section of those trained and skilled through this programme have since been granted opportunities within municipalities and the department with some taking up the opportunity to start up new small enterprises in the water sector as artisans and plumbers.

“These are the outcomes we anticipated and we are glad that more young people are off the streets and in training or pursuing new opportunities with the skills we have given them," said Minister Mokonyane.

The programme is a national programme with a higher intake of learners in those areas and municipalities with the highest water losses and leaks.

Given the challenges of water that confront the country and the drought that has persisted over the last three years, efforts to save water are government’s priority.

The War on Leaks Programmes is an integrated part of government’s efforts to promote water savings and preventing losses. – SAnews.gov.za