Transnet security officers granted peace officer status

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Transnet says the granting of peace officer status to its security officers is an important step in ramping up the fight against cable and infrastructure theft.

According to Transnet, the security officers will now be empowered to “make arrests… search premises, facilities and people, complete dockets to ensure suspects are charged correctly” and assist police with investigations.

In a statement, the State-owned rail and port company explained that the move will go a long way to curbing cable theft on its infrastructure, which has grown “exponentially” over the last five years.

“[This] has resulted in increased tonnage and revenue losses and increased repair costs. Over 1 500km of cable has been stolen - a 1 096% increase in the length of cable stolen - in the past five years, with a net financial impact of R4.1 billion.

“Although Transnet Pipelines [TPL] has seen a reduction in the number of incidents in the past financial year due to security interventions implemented, there has been a spike in the last few months, largely due to the increase in the price of the product. Over the past three years, TPL has seen an increase in the loss of volume of around 30 million litres, with a net financial impact of around R1.1 billion over the period,” Transnet said.

The SOE assured that the peace officers will be trained in accordance with security sector requirements.

“Transnet security officers will go through rigorous training in compliance with the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) requirements. On the successful completion of the training, candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Competency by the National Police Commissioner and receive SAPS appointment letters and Transnet appointment ID cards,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Transnet has announced that it has reached an agreement with the Human Settlements Department on the housing of displaced community members, who have illegally occupied the entity's Montclair Lodge in Durban since July.

“In terms of the agreement, Transnet will make Montclair Lodge available to the department for six months from…15 August 2022. The department will prioritise women, children and people with disabilities, and will take full responsibility of the management of the lodge and its related costs.

“Transnet welcomes the agreement, which favours all parties, and ensures that members of the community are accommodated. In due course, Transnet Property will enter into negotiations to formally sell the lodge, with the Department of Human Settlements getting first right of refusal,” Transnet said. –

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