Tlokwe voters given a chance to provide addresses

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pretoria - The Electoral Commission is expected to give all registered voters in the Tlokwe/Ventersdorp Municipality (NW405) a final opportunity to provide address details ahead of the 2016 Local Government Elections.

All 113 voting stations in Tlokwe/Ventersdorp will be open on 25 June and 26 June from 8am to 5pm.

However, they will only be open for voters already registered in the municipality’s 34 wards to provide missing address details or to correct their address details on the voters’ roll.

“No registrations of new voters will be allowed as the voters’ roll for the elections has been closed,” said the Electoral Commission on Wednesday.

The decision follows last week’s judgment by the Constitutional Court which ruled that the 2016 Municipal Elections may proceed on 3 August 2016 using the current certified voters’ roll with the exception of Tlokwe.

With regards to Tlokwe, the Constitutional Court ruled that the Electoral Commission “ought not to escape the obligations imposed on it” by the Constitutional Court in the November 2015 Kham judgment and the subsequent ruling by the Electoral Court.

“The Electoral Commission has therefore taken the decision to isolate the voters’ roll for Tlokwe/Ventersdorp (NW405) and to allow only these voters already on this voters’ roll a final window to provide their missing address details,” it said.

While there will be no new registrations of voters, where existing voters are found to be registered in incorrect voting districts they will be moved to the correct voting districts and informed of this as per the normal process. –