South Africans celebrate Heritage Day

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Nthambeleni Gabara

Orkney - South Africans from all racial groups have come out in their numbers at the James Motlatsi Stadium in Orkney, North West, to reflect and inter-relate culturally to celebrate this year’s Heritage Day.

Arriving at the stadium, situated in the mining small town of Orkney, singing both traditional and liberation struggle songs, South Africans are dressed in their Setswana, Boere khakhi, Indian sari, Sesotho, seshoeshoe, Xibelani of Vatsonga traditional regalia.

Today, South Africa is celebrating Heritage Day under the, “Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy: Tell your story that moves South Africa Forward!”

The theme encourages South Africans to tell their stories as part of celebrating 20 years of democracy. It is a day on which South Africans think outside politics and identify themselves as the rainbow nation.

Later during the day, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to tell the nation a great story of struggle and victory which will commit South Africans to work together to foster nation building and social cohesion.

Heritage Day on 24 September was declared a public holiday under the Public Holidays Act of 1994.

During Heritage Month South Africans are encouraged to celebrate and embrace the country’s historical inheritance, languages, spirituality and sacred sites, diverse cultures, indigenous food and traditional art forms.

This year’s Heritage Month takes place against the backdrop of our 20 years of freedom celebrations. From the 20 Year Review it is clear that South Africa has made great progress in ensuring equal rights. 

Although much has been accomplished since 1994, more work remains in especially building an inclusive, equal society. -