SIU: Alfred Nzo probe not a witch hunt

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Special Investigating unit (SIU) has described as mischievous allegations that its probe in Alfred Nzo Municipality is an underhanded tactic to get President Zuma’s opponents.

“The SIU has noted the media reports describing the signing and timing of the proclamation by President Jacob Zuma, enabling the SIU to investigate maladministration in the Alfred Nzo District Municipality as a movement to deal with his political opponents.

“The SIU acknowledges the importance of the public to be accurately informed and recognises the need for members of the public to receive accurate information and to inform members of the public on the manner in which investigations are conducted.

“Of importance is for the public to note that the contents of proclamations, which include the scope of work (areas to investigate), are drafted by the Special Investigating Unit independently based on the allegations referred to SIU,” the bureau said on Friday.

It said a proclamation for an investigation into Alfred Nzo was initiated by the SIU independently after receiving allegations.

“Therefore, the insinuation regarding the signing and timing of this proclamation is mischievous.

“It is important to note that the SIU is an independent statutory unit with an act/legislation of its own that provides for its powers and mandate and the investigations are conducted by professionally.”

The SIU regularly receives allegations regarding alleged corruption, malpractice and maladministration relating to State institutions, including Municipalities. The SIU is bound to ensure that all allegations received at any time are considered and assessed and form the basis of a proclamation.

“Allegations may be received during any specific investigation or even after any investigation is concluded and an investigation report submitted.   

“Given that the SIU legislation does not require its reports to be made available to members of the public but to be submitted to the Presidency, the suggestion or perception that there is no need for a further investigation into the affairs of this municipality is unfounded,” the SIU said.

The scope of work of all investigations by the SIU is published in the government gazette prior to the commencement of the investigation.

Probe nothing new in Alfred Nzo

While this is not the first investigation that the SIU is conducting in the Alfred Nzo Municipality, the scope of work is different and it is based on the new allegations reported to SIU.

The SIU has geared its teams and is ready to commence with the investigation and conclude it as speedily as possible.

“We therefore call on all members of the public who have information about any corruption, malpractice and or maladministration to report at any nearest SIU Office or visit Please note, where applicable, we will apply the provisions of the Protected Disclosures Act in this regard,” it said. –

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