SARS migrates to new electronic platform, delays expected

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The South Africa Revenue Service (SARS) has announced it will be migrating to a new hosting platform for its electronic services in April 2019. 

This new and reliable platform, the revenue collector said in a statement, features the latest technology on the market and includes a refresh of SARS’ hardware and software.

“This is part of our journey towards digital transformation, which is expected to deliver a myriad of innovative solutions in support of our mandate to make it easy and safe for our taxpayers to comply,” the statement said.

The migration is scheduled to take place on Friday, 12 April, from 5pm to Tuesday, 16 April 4pm. 

During the migration, SARS eFiling and the eFiling app (registrations, filing, payment and the functionality to upload supporting documents) will be affected.

The e@syFile™ Employer (including the functionality to upload Customs supporting documents) SARS website is also not expected to function optimally.

“The Customs Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) gateway, which is the primary electronic channel used by Customs clients to communicate with SARS, will not be impacted,” SARS said.

The revenue collector urged site users to conclude all transactions on these systems well before the migration.

“However, urgent transactions that need to be made during this period can be done manually at a SARS tax, customs or excise branch during normal operating hours,” SARS said. –