SA determined to shutdown illegal mining

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Cabinet has reiterated that illegal mining and actions by South Africans to harbour illegal migrants in these acts of criminality will continue to face the full might of the law.
“Such actions have a direct negative impact on our economy. In our sustained fight against crime, Cabinet appreciates all who are working tirelessly with law enforcement agencies. 

“This commitment by South Africans and other patriots, who are reporting illegal acts, strengthens our justice and crime prevention system, ensuring that together, we can make our country safe,” Cabinet said. 

This as the fight against crime intensifies, with mining equipment worth R60 million and coal worth R12 million were seized at an illegal coalmine in Carolina, Mpumalanga. Additionally, a mine manager, who could not produce a mining permit, was arrested.

The multi-disciplinary operation on illegal mining and immigration in the Northern Cape also led to the arrest of 867 people, many from Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. 

Meanwhile, cooperation between the South African Police Service and Eskom security resulted in the arrest of a coal driver and two weighbridge clerks for alleged fraud and theft of coal at Eskom. –