SA COVID-19 death toll exceeds 20 000

Thursday, November 12, 2020

The number of detected COVID-19 cases has now risen to 742 394 after 2 140 people were confirmed to have contracted the virus on Wednesday.

Sixty more people have passed away, bringing the death toll to 20 011 deaths.

Of the new deaths, 24 are from the Eastern Cape, 19 from the Free State, six from the Northern Cape, four from the Western Cape, and two each from Mpumalanga and the North West.

Addressing the nation on Wednesday, President Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledged the many lives lost to the deadly virus.

“Many of us have had to bid farewell to a loved one, a friend or a colleague.

“As we look back on a year of much pain and sorrow, it is important as a nation that we should honour and remember all those who have succumbed to this disease,” said the President.

According to the latest statistics, 686 458 patients have recuperated, which translates to a 92% recovery rate.

The President said the number of cluster outbreaks has been linked to indoor gatherings with poor ventilation and no social distancing, while the Eastern Cape has been noted as one of the problematic areas. 

“With the festive season approaching, understandably, we will want to be with family and friends. It has been a stressful and traumatic year. We want to socialise and connect with each other.”

However, he has urged people not to let their guard down.

“We must remember that every additional person we come into contact with increases the chances of transmission.”

He called on people to avoid large gatherings, and opt for small group gatherings.

“If we must go out, we should limit contact with others. I have been increasingly getting concerned and alarmed by what I have been seeing on social media and even on television where people are holding big parties, gatherings and social events as though the virus does not exist.”

The President is also worried about the citizens who are not wearing masks.

“I have been seeing images of indoor venues crowded with people who are not wearing masks and with no evidence of social distancing.”

President Ramaphosa said super spreader events must be avoided.

“The same rules that applied in the early days of the lockdown should apply now.”

Meanwhile, to ensure all the necessary prevention measures in place, government has extended the National State of Disaster by another month to the 15th of December 2020. –

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