Public Service Commission wants 100% compliance

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Public Service Commission (PSC) on Thursday said it is concerned by the lack of cooperation on financial disclosure forms by senior management officials.

According to Public Service Commission Commissioner Micheal Seloane, the overall submission rate of financial disclosure forms in respect of the 2016/2017 financial year by national and provincial departments was 99% by the due date of 31 May 2017. 

Addressing the media in Pretoria, Public Service Commission Commissioner Micheal Seloane said the PSC received only 10 104 (99%) financial disclosure forms out of the total that was expected by due date of 31 May 2017. 

“The acceptable submission rate is 100% by the due date,” said Commissioner Seloane.

Commissioner Seloane explained that the submission rate by national departments was 99% (5979), while provincial departments recorded 98% (4125) submission rate by the due date.  

According to Commissioner Seloane, a total number of 153 SMS members did not submit their financial disclosure forms by the due date.

Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Cape and the Western Cape are the only provinces which have recorded a 100 percent submission of the Financial Disclosure forms.

With regard to cases, PSC has dealt with 187 cases including 86 carried over cases from the previous financial year.

According to PSC, of these, 58 cases were not properly referred/no jurisdiction cases, and 129 were properly referred cases.


Commissioner Seloane said most of the grievances received, 123 (66%), relate to unfair treatment and salary problems.

“Unfair treatment cases are grievances mostly influenced by unprofessional relationships between employees and their supervisors,” said Commissioner

Commissioner Seloane said salary related grievances which they receive include or were about employees complaining about deductions made from their salaries, acting allowance and other types of allowances, salary adjustments and housing subsidy.

According to Commissioner Seloane, complaints lodged through the use of the National Anti-Corruption (NACH) Hotline are referred back to respective departments.

“According to this decision which established and assigned the management of the NACH to the PSC, cases of alleged corruption reported through the NACH should be referred to the respective departments by the PSC for investigation,” he said.

Commissioner Seloane said the PSC has developed protocols for referrals of the cases to the respective departments.

“During and after investigation, departments are expected to provide feedback to the PSC,” he said.

Commissioner Seloane explained that the PSC analyses the feedback to determine whether the case has been adequately and properly investigated.

“If the PSC is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, the case may be referred back to the department for investigation or the PSC may investigate it.

“Once the PSC is satisfied with the feedback provided, it will close the cases and inform known-whistle-blowers accordingly,” he said.

During the first quarter, the PSC received and referred 214 cases to national and provincial departments as well as public entities, for investigation.

During the same quarter, feedback received in respect of 28 cases relating to allegation of corruption that were reported through the NACH and referred to national and provincial departments for investigation.

From the total of 28 cases in respect of which feedback was received, 18 were those that emanated from national departments and seven emanated from provincial departments and three were investigated by the PSC on own accord.

A total of 23 cases out of the 28 on which feedback was received were closed.

Other complaints regarding employees in the Public Service may be lodged with the PSC without utilizing the NACH.

This can be done by means of completing a prescribed form for lodging a complaint, addressing a letter or statement to the PSC, contacting any Office of the PSC telephonically or by lodging a complaint verbally in person.

During the first quarter, 116 complaints were lodged with the PSC. Of the 116 complaints lodged, 43 (37%) were concluded and 73 (63%) were work in progress. -

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