PSC appreciates commitment of public servants

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Public Service Commission (PSC) Commissioner Micheal Seloane says the Commission has noted with appreciation the commitment and hard work demonstrated by public servants, particularly health workers, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Seloane said the Commission has also noted the speed at which Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) were procured by various government departments.

Addressing the media in Pretoria earlier today, Seloane said the emergency procurement of the PPEs presented an opportunity for some public servants to blatantly disregard regulations.

“This has led to some key government officials being investigated whilst others resigned in order to avoid misconduct charges,” Seloane said.

Seloane said the Commission appreciated collaborations amongst the law enforcement agencies to investigate incidences of corruption.

“The allegations of corruption whether perceived or real amongst public servants continues to escalate.

“The PSC has also observed that when wrongdoings/irregularities occurs in public administration, the employees involved allege that they acted on unlawful instructions from Executive Authorities (EAs) or senior managers,” Seloane said.

To this end, in September 2020, the PSC issued a circular to all EAs, Heads of Department and Government Components to advise employees and EAs on the mechanisms that are provided for in prescripts regarding the management of unlawful instructions.

Seloane said as the custodian of good governance, the Commission has received a clean audit for the 2019/20 financial year.

“The clean audit is an affirmation that the organisation uses state resources ethically and with integrity,” Seloane said.

Seloane explained that the foundational goal of Public Service is development.

“As such, the ethics of professionalism, transparency, accountability and responsibility are the very soul of development.

“For that reason, the Public Service should never be divorced from these ethics and should always be values-driven rather than only rules-driven,” Seloane said.

Seloane said South Africa faces the challenge of widespread corruption in its Public Service.

“Corruption acutely undermines the rule of law and principles and values that ought to govern public administration.

“One of the challenges that cause corruption in government includes, but not limited to, public servants who conduct business with the state,” he said.

Seloane said the Commission was encouraged by the actions of the Ministers of the Public Service and Administration, Police and Justice and Correctional Services who in July 2020, drafted a Memorandum of Understanding to better coordinate efforts that will lead to the investigation and prosecution of employees found to be conducting business with the State.

“The PSC will monitor the outcomes of reported investigations and prosecutions of the offenders.

“The Public Service is the largest employer in South Africa and it is crucial that public servants perform their duties diligently at all times,” he said. –

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