Progress in the nation’s recovery and rebuilding documented in summary five-year review

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

The Presidency has released a five-year review publication that documents the strides made in South Africa’s recovery and reconstruction since 2019, delving into the transformative initiatives undertaken by the Sixth Administration, specifically targeting the pressing challenges confronting the nation.

'Leave No One Behind 2024 – A Five-Year Review', which was released on Tuesday, outlines in summary form the progress made in growing the economy and jobs; fighting corruption; tackling poverty; developing human capital; providing quality health care for all; fighting crime, violence and instability; making communities safer, and investing in infrastructure.

From the outset, the sixth administration has worked to address the immediate challenges facing South Africans and put in place the foundations for sustainable, inclusive growth and job creation into the future.

“Progress in South Africa’s recovery and rebuilding since 2019 has been documented in a new Presidency publication on the impact of the Sixth Administration’s focus on addressing the immediate challenges facing South Africa and putting in place the foundations for better lives and sustainable growth into the future.

“The publication is an exercise in accountability and draws attention to the collective efforts of government and social partners to improve conditions in the country under the leadership of President Cyril Ramaphosa,” Presidency spokesperson Vincent Magwenya said in a statement.

The information resource can be accessed on and -