President Ramaphosa commends Matric Class of 2021

Friday, January 21, 2022

President Cyril Ramaphosa has commended and applauded the Matric Class of 2021 on the success achieved by this cohort of learners, educators and parents.

The overall 2021 National Senior Certificate pass rate, with progressed learners included, stands at 76.4% an improvement of 0.2% from last year, with 256 000 learners eligible for university entrance.

“We applaud the multiple successes and improvements recorded by learners during the second year of challenges presented by COVID-19.

“Equally commendable is the support given to learners by educators and parents who made sacrifices of their own and placed the interests of learners ahead of their own concerns,” the President said on Friday.

The President has urged those who did not make it not to give up but return to school and make another effort to better their lives.

“This is a moment for celebration for learners who have passed and a moment for other learners to return to their desks and make another effort to advance their education and improve their quality of life into the future.

“Our Second Chance programme is another route to success,” he said.

President Ramaphosa has also called on learners to celebrate responsibly and safely within the COVID-19 health protocols. –