The Precious little black book

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Johannesburg – A book by Dr Precious Motsepe will give women from all walks of life in South Africa access to vital information that is part of their everyday lives.

The book, launched in Johannesburg on Tuesday, is entitled ‘Precious Little Black Book’.

Government will work with the Motsepe Foundation to ensure that The Precious Little Black Book, a guide aimed at providing South African women with information about their rights, health and economic empowerment is translated into various indigenous languages, says Communications Minister Faith Muthambi.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the launch of the book, Minister Muthambi said: “As government, we fully support this initiative. We are a country that always astonishes our visitors with the melting pot of cultures… As a country, we are known for our ethnic diversity.

“Therefore, the issue of access to information in the deep rural areas is still a problem. Now we will work with the [Motsepe] Foundation to translate the book into our various indigenous languages because we want this book to be distributed in the rural areas.”

Dr Motsepe’s commitment to social change was sparked by 20 years of experience as a general practitioner with a special interest in women’s health. Her passion for global health issues led to the creation of the Johannesburg-based Motsepe Family Foundation, which aims to empower poorer communities in South Africa through health and education.

“Information is power…. knowledge is power, so this book seeks to empower women in the areas of health, business, their legal rights and education.

“The reason the Motsepe Foundation is publishing the resource guide for women is that women play a critical role in improving the wellbeing and living standards of their families and their respective communities. They are the caregivers to the young, the elderly and the sick,” said Dr Motsepe.

She strongly believes that appropriate information empowers women by giving them the tools to transform their lives, allowing them to be more independent, effective participants in the economy and to be agents of change.

“In our country, despite enormous progress towards women empowerment, the majority of women are still under-represented in many spheres of socio-economic and political decision making.

“The book helps to fill the gap by providing basic but critical information on health, education and finance as well as social and legal matters.”

She hopes that the guide will be a practical resource to help women make informed decisions and to take charge of the various aspects of their lives.

The Precious Little Black Book has condensed into a single publication the most essential information every women may need, from the domestic worker to the woman in the workplace or somewhere in the rural areas. The book is a powerful hub of all things important to women, as it provides advice on how to get funding for business and pregnancy tips. -

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